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HTC Desire S Android freezing at market download

*In order to help others who might also have this issue please feel free to share this or drop me a comment with other answers that have worked for you and I shall add to the list, might save someone a few hours searching* Ok so the last few days I have had an issue […]

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Seam carving

A little while ago I posted about a new system called seam carving, a way of effectively removing items from an image from a photograph while keeping the image intact or resizing an image with little degradation. Well with the new Photoshop CS5 this has now been implemented as their own “content aware” system. So […]

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The Amazon Kindle

Well i have had my Kindle for a couple of months now and thought i would write a little about it. Looks and feel 8/10: From taking it out of the box my first impressions were that it is not as sleek and silky looking as some of the other e-readers on the market. This […]

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#5 Geek from the Net

Well here we are again with a little bit of fun and info from the net. I think this time we shall start with a little geekery for all those geek chic out there. Lets start of slow with a nice print out and hang wall chart for all those aspiring geeks courtesy of Geekologie. […]

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Tech #1 Computer switches off after seconds.

Whats this all about….. Every time I have an issue with my computer hardware/software, one of the first places I head for is the great wide web in search on answers. Usually I find them but it can take a little while to get there and usually I find four or five possible answers spread […]

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