1st Guest post for smalls – Bin Weevils.

Bin weevils review.

Bin weevils is a great website for children age 6+ where you can sign up to get your bin weevil completely free. Membership does cost money but you can do many things without it. You can chat using the chat bubble and Big weevil is always watching to keep things safe.

Bin weevils is fantastic. I think almost every kid in the world should have one. You can sign up and get your own nest for your weevil to sleep in, invite friends to, dance in a tycoon studio and just decorate to hang out. You can also get mulch like this.

Bin Weevils Mulch

You can go to the mall to spend your mulch in the shops but you can also spend it on food or you could save it up. There are many things you can do without member ship, you can do cool things like missions, buy different items, grow things in your garden, buy another room for your nest, play games and earn mulch.

Bin Weevils Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

When you become a tycoon you can get a plaza. In a plaza you can buy party rooms to disco and dance in. You can buy items in the tycoon shopping mall on Tycoon Island. You also can get a photo studio.

Photo Studio

Photo Studio

If you are a member and want to buy more rooms to your plaza then just click on a plaza room that has not yet been bought and it will tell you how much it is (it will usually cost 5000 mulch). If you want to decorate or add music to your Night Club click the title of the room, click buy CDs so you can use your mulch to get some music going.

A Bin Weevils Plaza


To decorate you can go to the tycoon island shopping mall and go into the Night Club shop and choose all your weevil-tasctic items but they will only show in your chest when you are in your plaza.

Moving on. When you play games you collect mulch. If you win you get quite a lot but don’t worry if you loose because you get mulch just not as much!

I’ve been saying Tycoon Island a lot but I haven’t told you about it! Well, Tycoon Island is a place for members only. It has a slime pool, a smoothie shack, a cinema and its own shopping mall!!!

Tycoon shopping mall

Tycoon shopping mall

Tycoon Slime pool

Tycoon Slime pool

You can get millions of stuff in the tycoon mall you can get hats, night club things, back grounds and props for photos, extend your garden and buy things for your home cinema.

You can also earn mulch and xp by…. Going to club fling and standing on some podiums to get xp, going to doshes palace and waiting, going to Gam’s castle and jumping on buttons to fire mulch and going to Labs lab and playing the daily challenge (this is for free weevils as well).

If you feel a bit bored you can become buddies with people and invite them to your nest. By getting xp you can slowly start to get close to levelling up. I am on level 22 but I have played bin weevils for a while.

If you are a member you can make mags about your adventures and other things like this one.

Bin weevils mag

Bin weevils mag

If you want to become a member you can either pay online or buy cards from SAINSBURYS OR TESCOS.


Every chid should have a bin weevils especially if they are into arts and crafts and competitions. As there are many and they can appear at anytime. You can send in art work to impress big weevil and he might put it on display in the Gallery at Flem Manor. New shops and places can appear but then soon they will go so you must act quickly if you see a new place. That is all I can say or I will spoil all the adventures you can have on Bin weevils. Have fun.

Remember to ask your parents before going to any web site and signing up and never give out information about yourself to anybody online.

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  1. Jay says:

    Well done! That’s a great review, really informative. Love all the hints and tips too! 😀

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