HTC Desire S Android freezing at market download

*In order to help others who might also have this issue please feel free to share this or drop me a comment with other answers that have worked for you and I shall add to the list, might save someone a few hours searching*

Ok so the last few days I have had an issue with my HTC Desire S. Every time I try to download anything from the Google market my phone starts the download and then freezes solid.

The only way to break this is to take the battery out, replace it, turn the phone back on and as it is booting hit the download and cancel it at the market before it freezes again.

As you can understand not an exact science and rather annoying. The upshot is that I have been unable to download or update anything, so as is normal in these cases I turned to the Internet.
It seems this is not a new issue as the first info I found about this started in 2010 and is 17 pages long. It seems to appear on different handsets proving that it is a Google issue not a handset/carrier issue and generally revolves around google wanting to move everyone to @gmail. In true Google style (and one of my few concerns when I gave up my trusty treo for Android) they have basically ignored it.

However users have stuck with it and come up with answers. In an attempt to avoid a factory reset I tried most of these before hitting on one that worked.

Below is a list of possible thing to do to get you downloading again.

The one that worked for me:

Phone: HTC Desire S
Network: Orange (uk)
Version: 2.3.3

1. Set Airplane mode on
2. Perform all cache clearing below:
>> settings->(applications on desire s then) “manage applications”  then scroll down to,
>> “Checkin Service”          then select  “clear data”     (Not on Desire S)
>> “Download Manager”   then select “clear data”
>> “Google Apps”                then “clear data”                  (Not on Desire S)
>> “Google Talk Service”  then select “clear data”    (Called Talk on Desire S)
>> ” Market”                         then select “clear cache”
3. Power off/on phone
4. Switch off Airplane mode
5, try your download again.

Other possable answers:

1. A) settings / manage applications / market and select uninstall updates. (Not available in Desire S)

2. A) I also have an HTC Desire and found that if I turned off Talk it worked.

3. A) >> log on to your google account on a computer
>>click on Manage Account
>>On personal settings click on Change Password4
>>Change the password
>>Now restart your phone (no need for me even!)
>>Try connecting to google mail it then tells you that you cannot login and you have to edit the account. there you can then use gmail instead of googlemail.

4. A) Change the account to a account.

5. A) >>Connected my Desire to the computer and mounted it as diskdrive; the SD card is now not readable for the Desire itself
>>Went to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All, clicked on the Market app and pressed the Clear Data, Clear Cache and Force Stop buttons
>> Opened the Market app
>>Had fun browsing and downloading apps until I disconnected the USB cable from the computer and make the SD card readable for the phone again

6. A)  Turn on 3G (my unit is HTC Desire, check the tick box near Wireless network. You should see the 3G icon near your signal bar
>>Go to Talk, this should now be able to login
>>Turn off 3G. You will notice your previous downloads will resume automatically
>>Turn on wifi, and the download will continue.

7. A) Shut down the phone –> take out the battery –> wait 20 sec –> put in the battery –> start the phone.

8. A) Change back to googlemail if you have recently changed to gmail and vice versa

9. A) I found a gmail help page ‘Google Mail is becoming Gmail in the UK’ and there they say:

10. A) I created a brand new Gmail account just to use with my phone, Hard reset my phone, Registered the new account on the phone.

11. A)
>> log on to your google account on a computer
>> click on Manage Account
>> On personal settings click on Change Password
>> Change the password
>> Now restart your phone
>> Try connecting to google mail it then tells you that you cannot login and you have to edit the account. there you can then use gmail instead of googlemail.

12. A) Factory reset:
>> Log into Google Mail on the web and change your email address to @gmail
>> Do a factory reset on your phone
>>When inputting your google mail account settings on the phone, use the new, @gmail address
Android users: If you use an Android device and change your address, the following apps may not connect properly: Google Talk and Android Market. The current solution for this is to change back to, or do a full reset of your Android device and use We are working on resolving this issue as soon as possible.

Websites that may help you find ideas.

Android market help forum

Good luck.

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3 Responses to HTC Desire S Android freezing at market download

  1. Jon says:

    The other option would be to get your APKs from elsewhere. You need to set the toggle in your settings that allows you to install from non-market sources. Aptoide is one repository system; or you could go here:

    That said, Market is very pretty. Best of luck

  2. […] DESIRE stuck @ starting download – Android Market Help) I have put together some possable fixes here as this seems to be quite a biggy that Google are not really helping […]

  3. ahtiong73 says:

    Thanks much. I used your method and got my desire s working smoothly again.

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