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HTC Desire S Android freezing at market download

*In order to help others who might also have this issue please feel free to share this or drop me a comment with other answers that have worked for you and I shall add to the list, might save someone a few hours searching* Ok so the last few days I have had an issue […]

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The demise and rise of blogging

I realised today that i have been blogging since 2003 a total of 8 years. Over that time my blog has gone through many changes and overhauls but in essence i have stayed with the same formula that i started with. I Blog when i can be arsed. Blogging for me has been more of […]

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#7 Net round up.

Hi all, thought i would do another quick net round up while i am waiting to leave the hotel in Jersey. Ok lets start with Art we all love some of it but here are a few bits to amuse. Paper art from a single sheet of the plain white stuff. – The coolest theatre […]

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Jersey bound 2

Monday: Spent most of the day in aMazing – Got lost in the Maize maze for 1.5hrs went on the toboggan and managed to twist my ankle but spent the rest of the day having a great laugh. P got soaking wet and went on everything. Back to the hotel to stick an ice pack […]

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Jersey bound

Well i am sat in the hotel bar having five minutes and thought i would write an account of what has been happening so far. As some of you may know i am currently on the isle of Jersey. The reason for this is that i had the honour of being asked to be Rob’s […]

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