BOV refurb.

Well the time has finally come and the Theatre Royal is getting it’s face lift, well half of it is. As of the 28th Feb the rear half of the building will close for a year for it’s long awaited refurbishment.

As you can imagine this means that everything in the rear half of the building has to go into storage, the bin or be relocated down into the studio space. All the wiring needs to be re-routed, call system, fire systems, dimmers offices etc. all need to come in front of the cut off line. This is of course making things fun trying to squeeze 40yrs worth of stuff into small spaces.

With the refurbishment comes some sadness but also some excitement of change. A time to renew and clear out the unwanted. As part of this i thought i would wander the building with my camera and try to capture some of the history that will disappear in the flood of change.

I will be posting the pic’s on flicker in the next few days.

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