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Tech #1 Computer switches off after seconds.

Whats this all about….. Every time I have an issue with my computer hardware/software, one of the first places I head for is the great wide web in search on answers. Usually I find them but it can take a little while to get there and usually I find four or five possible answers spread […]

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Hi all, Thought I would do another round up of Internet goodies that I have found on my travels around that there interweb. First of all a little site with some great design items Bathrooms of the future, I must say I really like some of the ideas on this site especially the first one. […]

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Fowl afoot!

Well What can I say a new Artemis Fowl has hit the shelves, Been bought and read already. As many of you know I am a great lover of the Fowl books and find them entertaining and easy to read and this one is no different. If you are looking for high brow reading then […]

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